Re: auto-save periodically, not just at crash time

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> > Writing the document each 10 seconds is not a guaranty against
> > infinite loops because a large part of the code is also used
> > during the saving.
> No, but it does provide a guarantee that Amaya will lose at most 10
> seconds
> of my work. If Amaya is going to go into an infinite loop when
> I try to save, I want to know that before I've entrusted it
> with, say, a half-hour of work.

For lack of automatic saving, we can provide the possibility to 
make a temporary save of the file, at the user request. This will be 
particularly useful when you want to work on a remote file.

The file would be saved in the local temporary space of the user
and would be removed when the file would be normally unloaded, after a 
save or not.
After a crash Amaya would get:
- the saved version (as it works today)
- if there is no saved version, the last saved temporary version
- in other case the file located at the given URI.


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