Extra "blank space" causes misalignment in table cell

I have just tried out the Amaya editor for the first time, primarily
to investigate whether we can recommend it to our users for updating
their parts of the web site.  It is the first tool which can be
trusted not to rewrite the HTML incorrectly!

However there is one small glitch, which is manifested with code such
as for a table cell:

   <td><img src=....></td>

which gets written out after editing the document as:

      <img src=....>

This has added extra blank space following the IMG, which causes
the table to render differently in both Netscape and Internet xplorer.
The effect of this extra space is to misalign the carefully-aligned
parts of the table.

The author of "HTML Tidy" is aware of this problem, which deals with
it carefully, but Amaya does not. 

Can anyone suggest a workaround?

And it would be wonderful if this was fixed in the next release.. I
know this is on the borderline of the markup/layout and
browser-dependent rendering issue, but I don't see any harm in a fix
which is entirely an HTML indentation and layout matter.


Keith Refson
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Received on Tuesday, 8 February 2000 07:58:22 UTC