Re: NCRs (was RE: Problems with Amaya 2.4 )

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> Vincent Quint wrote:
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> > 1. In the current version, Amaya uses only the Symbol font in
> > addition to ISO-Latin1 fonts.  For this reason, a number of
> > mathematical symbols can't be displayed properly.  They appear
> > in the form of a question mark.  But, don't worry, if you save
> > the document, the original entity is preserved.
> I wish this were also the case with numeric character references (NCRs).  If
> you load a file containing, say, &#338; (an OE ligature), Amaya will nicely
> determine that it cannot display that and display OE as a fallback instead.
> That's OK, but when you save, you'll find that the file now contains "OE",
> not your original &#338;.  Without even as much as a warning, I think this
> is, hmmm, impolite and should be fixed.
> --
> François Yergeau

Yes, it's true for all entities.

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