Re: Online help for upgrade ?

On Thu, 20 Jan 2000 wrote:

+ In our previous episode, john coombes said:
+ > I have installed Amaya 2.2 and already downloaded Amaya 2.4.
+ > 
+ > I rember reading on the website that one must uninstall any
+ > previous version befor updating. So I searched the Amaya
+ > website.
+ The comment is ambiguous. I just edited the doc to make it clearer.
+ You need to uninstall any previous Amaya in the Windows platforms. Unix
+ boxes don't have this problem.

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious too ... I still can't see any
instructions as to how to uninstall from Windows95. I could run my
uninstaller of course, but the BinDist page clearly implies that there is
an uninstall mechanism/procedure that will preserve user preferences. My
present installation is 2.1 and I can't see anything in that version's
manual about uninstalling and there is nothing titled "UnIns*" in the

I appear to still have v1.4a left lying in \program Files\Thot too ... can
I safely dump everything in that directory tree?


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