bug report: args to dynamic images


I have a few problems with Amaya 2.4 and existing html.  The following
peice of code is confusing Amaya which then butchers it.


Amaya saves something resembling

<img height="16" width="12" src="from=books&num=8&roman=1">

which obviously doesn't work.  Since much of our HTML is littered with
dynamic images for various reasons, the editor has a very limited use on
static only pages.  As a side effect it also folds all html tags to
lower case which is exceptionally annoying to those of use who prefer to
develop HTML inside emacs.  There does not appear to be anyway to
override this.

Luke Dobson
Perl: the swiss-army chainsaw of computer languages.

Received on Friday, 28 January 2000 05:54:03 UTC