Re: Online help for upgrade ?

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000 wrote:

+ You're right. We do need an Uninstall doc page. In the meantime, I modified
+ the text, trying to make it clearer:

Thanks, I didn't think the "Windows install/remove" facility would
preserve preferences. I rarely use that, I generally use the uninstaller I
have installed - because that gives me an un-uninstall facility!

+ > I appear to still have v1.4a left lying in \program Files\Thot too ... can
+ > I safely dump everything in that directory tree?
+ Well, preferences are stored in that tree (see the Configuring Amaya doc
+ page). If you scratch it, you'll loose them. And there will be some traces
+ left in the Windows history of installed program.

Ah, yes, but only for v1.4a ... I see now where thot.rc is for 2.1, it's
in the Program Files\Amaya hierarchy as I had hoped.

+ We'll try to improve the doc. If anyone has time and inspiration to give
+ it a shot, feel free to do so.

Don't look at me 8-) ... I struggle to find time to (properly) read the
documentation that's already there!

+ Hope this helps you out Malcolm,

Yes thanks, I think I have it sorted in my mind now. better do some
uninstalling and load up the current version ...


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