Re: 2.5pre: other scrolling problems.

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> I did more testing on this and the "wild ride scrolling" and found that
> CTRL-UP and CTRL-DN scroll pretty smoothly. Nice. Perhaps the plain UP and
> DN code could learn something from CTRL-UP and CTRL-DN. 
> Gary Klesczewski mentioned the trick of touching the mouse button after
> you stop scrolling to have the text cursor be positioned on screen again
> where you just scrolled to. This works very nice, too. 
> Perhaps we could combine these: have the text cursor UP and DN keys
> function as CTRL-UP and CTRL-DN do until you stop scrolling. Then the text
> cursor is automatically placed on the screen somewhere. 

CTRL-UP and CTRL-DN scroll up and dowm but don't move the current selection.
UP and DN move the selection then scroll if necessary. The bug occurs in the
part of the code that checks if the scroll is necessary or not.
As Amaya works on partial formatted document, it believes that it's the end 
or the top of the document and doesn't scroll.
I know exactly where the bug occurs. I just need time to fix it.
Thanks for the bug analysis

> Selection is done with SHIFT-arrow-key, so there should be no confusion
> here for Amaya. 
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> Eddie Maddox


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