Re: 2.5pre: Thot: Irrecoverable error.

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng wrote:

  On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Eddie Maddox wrote:
  > Are we to surmise that you have not tested 2.5pre on Linux much?  Do you
  I think, and you can tell from my email address that I am nothing to do
  with this project except as a user. that we are supposed to surmise that
  there are only a few people working on this project, and they cannot do
  everything.  Certainly they cannot do everything in the short timescales
  that people want between releases.  It really is a very few people, but I
  don't have the figures.

Three. There are a couple of other people (like me) who try to contribute
what we can when we can, but being busy means that is not very much (A bit of
documentation every so often, and requests for further work).

Amaya's stated purpose is a test-bed for W3C work, not a commercial-grade
product, although the Amaya team work hard to make it useable. I use it on
Linux every day.

Charles McCN
  > need several of us who do use Linux to flood you with bug reports? Are
  I don't know about "flood", but presumably accurate reports that can
  pinpoint the error would be as welcome as mine was.

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