Re: multikey on Unix

The problem Danton Nunes is complaining about is the same I had already
posted about a month ago (I repeat the post at the end).

In our Brazilian/Portuguese keyboard we have 2 keys which hold 2
accents each: one with grave and accute, the other with tilde and circumflex.
Pressing those keys has absolutely no effect whatsoever in the main screens of
Amaya (for instance: you don't get a dead accent if you
>	 press the accent key then a space. 	:-(
However, and amazingly, when editing in the dialogue windows (or the Address and
Title sections) the dead keys work allright !  :-)

Amaya is a great piece of software, which I am still
using because of its unique "views" and unique features in the Unix world, but
lacks a kind of robusteness and coherence that makes me hate it many times. :-(
(the above glitch in the handling of keys is an example of its lack of
I will talk about it in a future post.

But the work of Amaya's team and the way you quickly try to answer to the posted
questions, albeit your lack of manpower, is surely to be praised.

On Qua, 12 Jan 2000, wrote:
... > > OK, the multikey feature does work but deadkeys don't, what makes
> > my Brazilian/Portuguese keyboard (with four dead accents) almost
> > useless.
> > D.Nunes, InterNexo, Brazil.
> What do you call deadkey? If you want to insert a dead accent you have to press
> the accent key then a space.
> Let me know if that answer your question.
> Regards
>   Irene.

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