Problems with Amaya 2.4

   I have just installed Amaya 2.4 and the following problems came up:
1. The following MathML code is not interpretted correctly:

<head><title>WebEQ Sample Page</title>
<body bgcolor=#ffffff>

<H1>WebEQ MathML Sample Page</H1>

<b>Theorem (Brouwer)</b><i> Let

 be an orientation preserving homeomorphism which possesses a periodic
point p which is not a fixed point.  Then f has a fixed point of
positive index.</i>


I get the question sign (?) in place where there should be an arrow (->, coded
in MathML with "&to").
There are other symbols which also not displayed, or rather replaced by "?",
like &ldots (three dots), &emptyset, &leq (less or equal), &neq (not equal),
&geq (greater or equal).

2. When I link to none of the 
links, neither the search button work.

can you comment please?

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Received on Wednesday, 9 February 2000 04:04:14 UTC