Re: bug report

Thanks Karl-Michael,

The problem is a dialogue message that is being used as a sprintf. It
needs an argument and none is being passed to it. 

The problem exists on all Amaya versions and occurs whenever you try to
apply a server unauthorized  method to a URL, like saving when you don't
have the rights.

The solution is to edit the faulty dialogue message.

You have to find the directory that says Amaya/config. In that directory, 
there are a number of dialogue files *-amayamsg, where * is en, fr, de ...

Open the file you're using (depending on your language), look for line
112 and change it from:
 112 This method is not allowed for %s
 112 This method is not allowed
You have to quit Amaya, but you don't need to recompile.

I commited this patch to the cvs base.


Received on Wednesday, 5 January 2000 10:22:20 UTC