Reading XML with Amaya


I have recently downloaded and installed the Amaya 2.4 Public Release.  I
have been surprised to discover that, when performing a File Open *.XML,
the application is now displaying the entire code of the document.  As if I
opened it in a simple text editor.  Whereas with a previous build of Amaya
(I believe it was 1.4), I could use the File Open *.XML to only view the
contents of the document, without the XML code.  That was actually the
beauty of it.  Has this feature been removed, or did I miss a step?

FYI, someone has asked the same question a while back (Sateesh Bhat on
August 11 in "How Can I see XML documents in Amaya.") but apparently didn't
receive a response.


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Received on Monday, 3 January 2000 02:35:50 UTC