Re: Pb compiling amaya

Jean Raymond,

I need more context to help you.

From where are you compiling Amaya? 
From the CVS base or from the source distribution?

You should have a directory called libwww/modules/md5/ and that's where
the md5 code is found.

Can you tell me where are your trees? It should work if you have it as


and if you call configure inside the obj directory.

Are you interested in testing message digest authentication? If yes,
I made a bug fix this week on the main libwww branch, but I haven't yet
committed it to the libwww Amaya tagged branch. I can do it if you need
it. I didn't do it yet because I'm going to merge to the latest dev branch
in a couple of weeks.


In our previous episode, Jean Raymond Chauviere said:
> on
> I can read
> MD5 Support
> MD5 is used by the HTTP Digest authentication, for example, but can be
> used for other things as well. It is taken from the HTTP Digest
> Authentication specification. 
> This is already part of the libwww CVS repository so no external
> packages are needed.
> but I get:
> .....
> libwww is configured
> /bin/sh: libwww/modules/md5: does not exist
> make[2]: *** [libwww_make_module_md5] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/gnu/worksrc/WEB/Amaya/SUN'
> ...
> what did I miss ?

Received on Thursday, 6 January 2000 05:25:02 UTC