Re: Online help for upgrade ?

If you installed a .tgz version on a Unix system then removing it is simply a
matter of deleting the directory where you put it.

For example, I install Amaya in /usr/local/share/Amaya, but I also ahve a one
line shell script at /usr/local/bin/Amaya that calls the binary from where it
is installed. When I update my version of Amaya I usually put the new version
into wherever I had the old version, so the shell command works fine. I also
have a ~/.amaya directory where I keep preferences, a keyboard file,
etc. That is only updated if I specifically do it - usually I manually copy
the profiles and sometimes an ew amaya.keyboard file manually.

Charles McCN

On Thu, 20 Jan 2000 wrote:

  Hello John,
  In our previous episode, john coombes said:
  > Dear Jose Kahan
  > I have installed Amaya 2.2 and already downloaded Amaya 2.4.
  > I rember reading on the website that one must uninstall any
  > previous version befor updating. So I searched the Amaya
  > website.
  The comment is ambiguous. I just edited the doc to make it clearer.
  You need to uninstall any previous Amaya in the Windows platforms. Unix
  boxes don't have this problem.
  If you're using rpm, you can just do an rpm -U name_of_the_amaya_rpm
  and everything will be taken into account :)
  If you want to uninstall the previous version, you can do a "make uninstall"
  in the Amaya directory. I haven't tried it, but it should work.
  Sorry for the confusion.

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