Re: [Moderator Action] Compiling in Win98 with Visual C++ 5.0

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> Hi,
> 	I'm currently trying to build Amaya source version 2.4 using Windows 98 SE
> with Visual C++ 5.0.  Using the workspace file (Compilers.dsw), and building
> the executable, I first get the error that in Compilers.rc resource.h cannot
> be found.  I redirected the file to the correct location of resource.h and
> upon rebuilding, the next error in the file is :
> Compilers.rc (66): error RC2104 : undefined keyword or key name: COMP_OPEN
> and it breaks there.  I'm not sure if it would break for the next thing
> COMP_COMPILE but I don't see that defined anywhere either.
> Is there a fix to this?
> Thanks,
> David

Oops, the file Amaya/batch/resource.h is missing in the tar source 
You can get it from

Best wishes

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