Re: Problem with rendering tab characters in source view.

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> <title>Amaya doesn't render HTs properly with TextFileP</title>
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> 	<h1>Amaya and horizontal tabs</h1>
> 	Under some circumstances, namely when rendering the source
> 	view of a document whose source contains ASCII&nbsp;9 (<acronym
> 	title="Horizontal Tabulation">HT</acronym>) characters, Amaya
> 	causes successive words to run into one another.
> <p>This has been observed under Linux using lesstif, but I suspect
> 	that the problem is generic.
> <p>The present document is intended to demonstrate the problem. Most
> 	of its lines begin with an HT character. Load it into Amaya (I
> 	used a CVS snapshot as of 1999-12-31) and look at the source
> 		view. (The HTML view is fine.) I hope mailers along the
> 		way won't strip the tabs from		this message.
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It is fixed in the next release.

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