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Re: 2.5pre: wild ride scrolling.

From: <klescgl@NU.COM>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 11:29:44 -0500
To: www-amaya@w3.org
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Morning all,

I've seen the same thing, but what I figured it out to be is something to
with the cursor. Try the following steps:
Open a long document in the editor.
Place the cursor somewhere near the top.
Now - this is where this behaviour appears:
Scroll to the end with the mouse.
** The Cursor is still located at the top.
Try moving with the arrow keys (This moves the cursor)
The window will scroll to the location of the cursor, and adjust as you
move with the cursor.

It was very annoying at first, but once I figured out what was going on,
the work-around is quite simple. Once you stop moving with the mouse, just
click the cursor into position.
The solution that I think makes sense is for the scroll bars to act sort of
like another pane, when clicked, it accepts the keyboard input, not the
editor window. At least until the editor window is given the focus back by
the click of the mouse (or maybe tab/enter?)

Gary Klesczewski

2.5pre: wild ride scrolling.

When scrolling up and down with the text cursor, at least, in the default
view, frequently the document starts scrolling on its own at a rapid clip.
It goes in the same direction and does not stop until near the other end
of the document.

The document I first noticed this on is a long one, GNU's brand new Free
Documentation License:


(I hope I got that correct. It's hard to read the tiny letters in Amaya's
little boxes.)

Eddie Maddox
Received on Friday, 10 March 2000 11:31:29 UTC

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