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"invalid value" error if 'line-height' declaration does not end with semicolon

'float: left' block causes previous normal flow block to extend out of the viewport boundaries

8.52 Bug: "Invalid Selection" message for inline elements in empty DD

8.52 Bug: Adds "/" for IMG on HTML 4.01 documents

8.52 Bug: LANG attribute is removed for META "generator"

8.8.52 Bug: Images are not displayed

9.53: file management and missing dirs

[ off list ] Displaying Chinese characters: some of them becomes to a block

[Announce] Amaya 9.52

[Announce] Amaya 9.53

[Announce] Amaya 9.53 republished

[Announce] Amaya snapshot

[bug] Amaya does not catch invalid label

[BUG] Tab key inside PRE element

[CSS] 'display: none' blocks still break surrounding inline content into different blocks

[CSS] 8.52 on XP -- problems with div overlays

[css] another float problem

[CSS] border color bug

[CSS] Bottom border not rendered

[CSS] DT and DD margins don't collapse with DL sibling element margins

[CSS] float property still mangled

[CSS] Floats impact non-positioned blocks while they must not

[DESARME]2_ Amaya 9.53 crashes when scrolling in Windows XP

[Fwd: Re: Amaya on GNU/Linux problems]

[Fwd: Re: Amaya on GNU/Linux problems]]

[GUI] Bugs in 9.53

[help menu item] crash after not responding msg

[HTML] linking to an id in an external document

[html] object does not support alt= attribute

[Moderator Action (size limit exceeded)] Amaya Version

[Moderator Action (size limit exceeded)] Problem with Image placement

[OFF] Nuestros mejores deseos en el nuevo año.

[WinXP] shortcut spec not respected

[WinXP] Zoom not working

[Wish-List] Amaya 9.52


[WishList] Frame action explanation

Accessibility requirement: audio support in SVG

amaya 8859-2

Amaya 9.52

Amaya 9.52 "Open with"

Amaya 9.52 - Softpedia 100% CLEAN Award

Amaya 9.52 suggestion

amaya 9.52 table rendering problem


Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: Amaya allows spaces between number and units

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: awkward arrow keys behaviour

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: can not create a link containing only an image

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: can't copy a line

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: Copy and paste

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: invalid tables with col and colgroup elements

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: missing charoff attribute

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: space before a span is not shown

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: span around a span

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: when doctype is changed in a blank document the body is removed

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: white-space is not shown

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: X11/SVG colors

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bugs/RFE: CSS style dialogue bugs

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bugs/RFE: More dialogue bugs

Amaya 9.52 WinXP bugs/RFE: New XHTML document dialogue window

Amaya 9.52 WinXP crash: inline frame

Amaya 9.52 WinXP crash: removing class from list with list-style-type: none

Amaya 9.52 WinXP possible bug: ε and ε

Amaya 9.52 WinXP possible bug: first p in td

Amaya 9.52 WinXP RFE: apply class duplicates classes

Amaya 9.52 WinXP RFE: line numbers in CSS

Amaya 9.52 WinXP RFE: vertical align in tables

Amaya 9.52 WinXP: background-image in tables

Amaya 9.52 XP bug: down arrow key does not work properly

Amaya 9.523 WinXP bug: images and spaces

Amaya 9.53 - WinXP - drag & drop crash error

Amaya 9.53 crashes when scrolling in Windows XP

Amaya 9.53 snapshot WinXP bugs: character entities

Amaya 9.53 WinXP bug/RFE: remove label

Amaya 9.53 WinXP bug: duplicated ID not detected

Amaya 9.53 WinXP bug: form fieldset are unusable

Amaya 9.53 WinXP bug: MathML rendering

Amaya 9.53 WinXP bug: modified value attribute not shown until reload

Amaya 9.53 WinXP bug: non-english characters in CSS files

Amaya 9.53 WinXP possible bug: MathML <mi> or <mo>

Amaya 9.53 WinXP RFE: copy and paste elements with ID attribute (normal view)

Amaya 9.53 WinXP RFE: Tab and Intro support

Amaya 9.53 XP bug: Edit > Transform > Remove paragraph level deletes some input elements

Amaya 9.53 XP bug: html character entities not shown

Amaya mailing lists

Amaya on GNU/Linux problems

Amaya RFE: Apply class window

Amaya RFE: Creation of new elements using Return key

Amaya RFE: New tab shortcut

Amaya RFE: text-transform, letter-spacing, word-spacing properties

Amaya WinXP RFE: closing tab using middle-click

Amaya WinXP RFE: disabled error parsing

Amaya WinXP RFE: Intro and Tabs keys

Amaya with VoiceOver in MacOS X

Amaya: key navigation

Bug - XP - open file pulldown

bug enh: child friendly version

Bug report (CVS): spelling correction gobbles text

Bug report: /> and then </a> tag on new line

Bug report: Copy and paste under Debian

Bug report: Forced save on Windows

Bug report: Keep multiple spaces not quite right

Bug report: multiple spaces >> gobbledegook

Bug report: Source display of non-breaking space

Bug report: Windows Open document drop down list

Bug reports: path, line & zoom

bug: Amaya logo

Bug: Crash on external style sheet (list-style)

Bug: New option - Keep multiple spaces

Bug: Unwanted newlines in OBJECT, IMG

Changelog: Come back to wxWidgets 2.6.2?

Charset ISO-8859-2 or CP1250 - Beginner question

Compiling 9.52 snapshot on Debian 3.1 stable

Containing block for absolutely positioned elements

Copying and a bug in layout

Crash on Fedora Core 6

Displaying Chinese characters: some of them becomes to a block

embed, apologies my error have removed

First line of <ul> does not honor CSS line-height

Fwd: PHP/HTML edit help

Gadaffi pimps OLPC


How to edit HTML

label in image not allowed

MacOS X: Amaya 9.52 abort operation

MacOSX: Amaya & VoiceOver


More cleaning patch

More questions abour the build system

New option - Keep multiple spaces

parser not detecting error

Possible Bug in Amaya 9.52: MathML saving and re-rendering

Possible bug in amaya-9.52

PRE blocks don't extend to fill the available width and don't overflow

Preserve table source formatting

problem with a recent commit

Problems with "Make Book"

Re : Amaya 9.52 WinXP possible bug: &epsi; and &epsilon;

Re : Amaya 9.53 WinXP possible bug: MathML <mi> or <mo>

Re : Possible Bug in Amaya 9.52: MathML saving and re-rendering

Re : Problems with sum

Some nit-picking

span element in XHTML menu

suse 10.1 & libexpat.so.0

suse 10.1 & libexpat.so.0 - bugs

System wxWidgets and unicode

Table rendering problem?

Tabs keys

Text in Hebrew is not written right to left.

Thank You

The Amaya team is pround to announce Amaya 9.52

the bugs list

the wish list

This list server's behaviour

Tim Berners-Lee on Reinventing HTML

Time for a snapshot?

U3 Compatibility

Why Amaya don't supports Acid2 test?

Win98 version doesn't load

Wish list: "alt f c" for "file close"

Wish list: 0 width border for images with links

Wish list: keyboard shortcuts for spellchecker

Wish list: Wider Open Document dialog box


zooming function

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