[CSS] 'display: none' blocks still break surrounding inline content into different blocks

HTML block elements which have |display: none| applied to them still 
cause the surrounding inline content to be laid out in different 
anonymous block boxes (see the attached "anon_blocks.html").

In the CSS 2.1 specification 

> In a document like this:
> <DIV>
>   Some text
>   <P>More text
> </DIV>
> (and assuming the DIV and the P both have 'display: block'), the DIV 
> appears to have both inline content and block content. To make it 
> easier to define the formatting, we assume that there is an 
> anonymous block box around "Some text".

But in the case:

   Some text
   <P>More text</P>
   Yet more text

and given the <P> element has |display: none| applied (i.e. <P> is 
no longer a block) - Amaya still breaks "Some text" and "Yet more 
text" into different block boxes.

In the attached example there's also a case like:

   Some text
   More text

and the <SPAN> element has |display: none| applied - Amaya doesn't 
collapse the resulting white space and renders two spaces between 
"Some text" and "More text".


Received on Tuesday, 3 October 2006 12:44:16 UTC