More questions abour the build system


I've been digging a bit through the build system, trying to clean up
things a bit, and I have a couple of remarks/questions :

1/According to what's in the, plugins are not supported
anymore. Would you be interested by a patch getting rid of references to
it in in configure/ files ?

2/ I noticed that the redland RDF library is only used with the
bookmarks. The annotations module only needs the raptor library. Knowing
this, what do you think of the following ideas
* getting rid of the --enable-redland configuration flag, and
automatically care about it if someone asks for the module needing it.
* do the same with libraptor.
* add a "--enable-system-raptor" flag which would make it possible to
use the builtin redland with shared libraptor or link against a shared
one without redland when it's not needed. I'm not certain about the
"static raptor & shared redland" situation, however.

3/I started cleaning up the file, rewriting the
--enable-XXX flags to make a better use of the autoconf macros (standard
display of options, default choice, etc...). If you are interested, I
will be happy to try and continue on this.

Also, to react on Hugh Sasse, I certainly second the request to have a
tarball unpacking everything into a subdirectory. Though I'm trying to
move away from the fullsrc archive for the Debian package, I was
disappointed to end up with 5 directories the first time...

I would also suggest to move to automake instead of the home-made, and would be happy to do some work on that.

Attached is a patch which contains the following changes :
-remove the "#include <redland.h>" where it's not needed
-remove all references to the plugin module in
-get rid tests against non-existing variables in
-rewrite most of the --enable tests to make better use of the autoconf

Any comment is more than welcome. Any suggestion whether I should
continue to work on this sort of thing or not would be appreciated as
well :).


Received on Saturday, 14 October 2006 19:42:17 UTC