Re: Amaya 9.52 WinXP bug: can't copy a line

Hi Laurent,

> The Paste in Amaya replace the current selection. So if you select an element and if you make 
 >Copy then Paste, the element is replaced by himself (you have the 
feeling that nothing happens).
> If you want to create a second <hr /> in your case, use Edit > Append just before the Paste.

Sorry, but copy and paste does not work with single <hr /> elements (at 
least in Windows). If you copy the line, place the cursor in another 
position and then paste, the line is not copied.

> I guess that in this case the other elements are deleted, right ?

If you copy and paste in the same position, the line just disappear!.

> However, selecting just a <hr /> is not always easy in the formatted view and it's sometimes 
preferable to use the Structure view to do that.

I agree that sometimes it is not easy to select the <hr />, but this 
difficulty should be considered another Amaya bug. An editor must copy 
and paste without problems, mustn't it?

Best regards,

Received on Thursday, 12 October 2006 15:32:12 UTC