Re: Displaying Chinese characters: some of them becomes to a block

On Tue, 05 Dec 2006 15:02:05 -0000, Irene Vatton <> wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 December 2006 08:24, 刘研 wrote:
>> I installed Amaya 9.52 for Windows.
>> When I input Chinese characters, some of chinese characters becomes to a
>> hollow block. This situation is very similar to the
>> for some examples:
>> 1. the word "链接"(hyperlink) will displayed as "□接"
>> 2. the word "游戏"(game) will displayed as "游□"
>> 3. simply open page, you will see many hollow
>> blocks
> The "hollow block" is displayed when Amaya doesn't find out a font to display
> this character.

The characters Mr Liu mentions and a number of others are in the standard Chinese GB18030-compatible fonts supplied with Chinese and English Windows XP. Is there a way to link into them?


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