More cleaning patch


Here are a couple of patches :

The first, cleanup.diff is a small patch doing some trivial cleanups.

In :
-fixes a typo at the beginning of (extra '+' at the
beginning of the line)
-sets AMAYA_OPTIONS, then add the AMAYA_DEBUG switch if required instead
of having a long duplicated string.
-stop including OS_OPTIONS within AMAYA_ANNOT_OPTIONS. The later is
always used together with AMAYA_OPTIONS which already includes it.
-remove the EXTRA_LIBS value, which is always empty
-only call AC_SUBST_FILE once for the xxx_frag's

In amaya/ :
-remove reference to EXTRA_LIBS
-minor typo with double '/'
-remove trailing '\'

In annotlib/ :
-remove reference to AMAYA_ANNOT_OPTIONS, which is already included in

In other files, only remove references to EXTRA_LIBS.

Additionally, raptor_cleanup.diff applies on top of cleanup, removing
the reference to libraptor.a (which is already linked inside librdf.a)
and the system to build raptor, which is completely useless. Even if it
is called, the only bit making reference what gets built in is commented
in amaya/

Last, redland_configure_in_configure.diff moves the call to configure
for Redland from the to, in line with what is
done for Mesa and WxWidgets.

As usual, comments are welcome.


Received on Sunday, 12 November 2006 23:50:09 UTC