[CSS] 'display: none' blocks still break surrounding inline content into different blocks

/Irene Vatton/:
> On Monday 02 October 2006 13:35, Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
>> As a side note I find when the <hr> element has |display: none| 
>> applied the inline content around it is not "concatenated", but 
>> split into different blocks (see the last two "No header" blocks: 
>> "No" and "header" appear on different lines).
> I did that too, but there is another problem:
> Amaya doesn't replace the undisplayed element by a space.
> By example
> <div class=3D"test">
>  foo<p class=3D"hr"></p>bar
> </div>
> is now displayed as "foobar"

Seems I didn't get the point the first time. What you point is the 
correct display, but in:

<div class="test">
  <p class="hr"></p>

There's a whitespace after "foo" and there's whitespace prior "bar" 
- this should be collapsed to a single space and the result should 
be "foo bar".


Received on Thursday, 19 October 2006 09:33:40 UTC