Re: Amaya 9.52 WinXP possible bug: ε and ε

On Thursday 16 November 2006 13:56, Bartolomé Sintes Marco wrote:
> Hi,
> Amaya 9.52 WinXP seems to dislike the ε character entity.
> 1. The ε character seems not to be included in the "special
> character" tool. But this character entity is displayed both in Firefox
> and IE7, so I suppose the ε character entity is valid.

The "special character" tool gives access to MathML entities:
The unicode code character is ε  may be represented by two MathML 
entities the ε or ϵ
The same character may be represented by one HTML entity ε

> 2. The ε character entity is included in the "special character"
> tool (it is called straightepsilon), but this character entity is not
> displayed in Firefox nor in Internet Explorer 7. Is ε a valid
> character entity or not?
> 3. If the user edits the source code and inserts an ε character
> entity, when the document is saved again (from the normal view),
> ε character entities are replaced by ε character entities.
> Is it a bug?

In next version Amaya will generate ε instead ε in HTML 
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