System wxWidgets and unicode

I have wxWidgets already installed on my stystem - in multi formats
the default format is without unicode.

However I have a unicode set of libraries installed too.

I have discovered that the lines in that read -
$WXCONFIG --cxxflags
$WXCONFIG --libs
$WXCONFIG --linkdeps

should read -
$WXCONFIG --unicode=yes --cxxflags
$WXCONFIG --unicode=yes --libs
$WXCONFIG --unicode=yes --linkdeps

This will produce an error if wxWidgets is not compiled with unicode.
Or it will make sure that the correct set of libraries is used.

This is important as wxWidgets can be installed in multiple formats.

basic gtk2              - gtk2
gtk2 with unicode       - gtk2u
gtk2 with universal     - gtk2univ
gtk2 w univ and unicode - gtk2univu

not includeing other toolkits :}

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Received on Sunday, 8 October 2006 14:01:29 UTC