Re: Amaya on GNU/Linux problems

On Wednesday 04 October 2006 21:39, Leon Stringer wrote:
> Having now read the thread with Regis Boudin and Rigo Wenning
> <> I
> reckon the problems I'm experiencing on Fedora Core 6 are the same. So
> would it be fair to say that there are an increasing number of Linux
> distributions where Amaya WX doesn't work? From the look of it this a
> fairly complex issue rooted in Mesa and graphics driver acceleration.
> I'm sure the maintainers are as frustrated by these problems as I am. Is
> there anything useful we can do? Test builds, debug information,
> configuration information?
> I've been using Amaya for years, I think it's great and use it daily.
> I'd hate to have to give it up.
> All the best,
> Leon...

Recently, we published a 9.52 snapshot.
The 9.52 release is planned by end of this month.
You could help us if you try to compile this source snapshot on your Fedora 
Core 6 and report us bugs.

Thanks in advance
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