Bug: Unwanted newlines in OBJECT, IMG

In the latest CVS code, I find that the problem of an unwanted newline
after the <img ...> and <object ..> tags has been resolved.  Thanks!!

Looking at the CVS changes:


I see fix was in HTMLT.T 5 days ago - I hadn't compiled the source since
then.  The changes between:


affected "Applet", Embed_", "Object", "IMG" and "Image_Input".

All these changes involved removing a newline '\12'.  At present, the
relevant lines for:  IMG, Image_Input and Embed are:

    Create ' />';
or  Create '>';

For Object, they are:

    Create '>\12';          <<<<< Looks suspicious - a newline.
    Indent +2;
    Indent -2 After;
    create SCT after;
    Create 'object>' After;	

For Applet they are:

    Create 'applet';
    Create Attributes;
    Create '>';            <<< Note, '\12' removed recently.
    create SCT after;
    Create 'applet>' After;	

  - Robin

Received on Wednesday, 1 November 2006 03:23:26 UTC