Bug: Crash on external style sheet (list-style)

Crash with a CSS file (on Windows, 9.52)

1. Save the lines below as lst.css (e.g. C:\lst.css):
  ol {
	list-style-position: inside;
	list-style-type: decimal;
2. Start Amaya
3. Select File->New->New XHTML Document...
4. Create a new document, title "test", in the same folder as above CSS file.
5. Select XHTML->List->Ordered List.
6. Select Style->Link...
7. Enter the location of "lst.css" above (e.g. just "lst.css" if in same folder).
8. Amaya crashes (Amaya has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.).


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Received on Friday, 20 October 2006 15:14:10 UTC