Re: [CSS] DT and DD margins don't collapse with DL sibling element margins

/Stanimir Stamenkov/:

> The top and bottom margins of DT and DD elements doesn't seems to 
> collapse with the top and bottom margins of element siblings of the DT 
> and DD enclosing DL element - see the attached example.

The example contained error in the stylesheet, the style rule:

     dl.only-child { margin-top: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em }

should read:

     dd.only-child { margin-top: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em }

(mistyped "dl" -> "dd)

Thus the example shows for DD elements only the bottom margin 
doesn't collapse. I'm attaching one more "inter-DL" example.


Received on Tuesday, 31 October 2006 13:11:55 UTC