Amaya RFE: Creation of new elements using Return key


In Amaya 9.52, if an element is selected, pressing the Return key 
usually creates a new element after the selected one.

For example, if a list (ul element) is selected, pressing the Return key 
creates a new blank list (ul). This behaviour happens with other 
elements like heading (h2, etc), divisions (div), but not with all 
elements (tables, pre).

This behaviour is OK if the user wants to create a second element of the 
same type, but it is annoying if not because he/she has to select and 
delete the element.

It would be nice if pressing two times the Return key would delete the 
blank element and create a paragraph. The behaviour I am asking for is 
already present in Amaya when editing a list (a single Return means a 
new element, but if the user press several times the Return key the new 
element is deleted and a new element of higher level is created (new p 
inside the list -> new li -> new p outside the list).

Best regards,
Bartolomé Sintes (

Received on Thursday, 16 November 2006 11:07:54 UTC