Amaya 9.52 suggestion

well i just switched to 9.52 and for me the speed 
isnt too bad and the look is really nice !!!

one suggestion regarding  open file dialog

you default to file type html ----- *.html
but have another on the list  for 
file type html --->  *.htm

could this not be changed to a single default setting
file type html ---> *.htm*     
this would help those who have a lot of legacy files from
the good ole days of the ninties....
java can do this quite easily  but it may be a limitation
of the toolbox that you are using ....  most users would
prefer to see all their html files in a single shot  without
any txt or other so *.* selection is out too ... 
but  HTML file --->  *.htm*    works for all

John Russell, VE3LL@RAC.CA

Received on Monday, 23 October 2006 12:43:16 UTC