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>> I installed Amaya 9.52 for Windows.
>> When I input Chinese characters, some of chinese characters
>> becomes to a hollow block.
> The hollow block is a missing glyph symbol and means that the
> character isn't in the current font.  I looked up 链接 and
> 链 has different simplified and traditional forms, but 接 doesn't,
> so I suspect that Amaya has been configured to use a traditional
> font that doesn't also cover simplified forms, and isn't clever
> enough to use alternative fonts to fill the gaps.
>> This situation is very similar to the
>> for some examples:
>> 1. the word "链接"(hyperlink) will displayed as "□接"
>> 2. the word "游戏"(game) will displayed as "游□"
>> 3. simply open page, you will see
> This page times out, so I cannot see whether it is simplified
> or traditional.

Maybe a bit more complicated than that? There are gaps in the traditional set too, see my page at at De Yin Tang Qinpu, where 'dunhao' comma and 吳 in the third column both display as open rectangles in Amaya, but correctly in Opera.


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