Bug report: Copy and paste under Debian

With both the latest binary and my compilation of the CVS code on Debian
3.1 Stable, I have problems with copy and paste.  This is quite complex.
 I have no such problems with the Windows binary just released (9.52 Oct
18 2006).

In the URL bar, or whatever it is where the location of the current file
is entered and displayed, I can Copy and Paste with the Edit menu but
not with Cntrl-C or Cntrl-V.

In the main (WYSIWYG) editing window, it seems there is a separate
clipboard, unrelated to the system clipboard which is shared by other
applications and the URL bar.  Both the keyboard and Edit menu
approaches work for Copy and Paste.  (At one stage I did have the Paste
operation putting in just a single P, but this may have been my
accidentally copying that to this clipboard.)

The View Source window seems to be the same, and share the same local
clipboard with the main window.

I think there may also be some difficulties with Cntrl Z in the URL bar
not always working, but affecting the main or source window.

Sometimes I think Edit Paste does not work in the URL bar even though to
other applications there is something in the clipboard.  This may happen
just after pasting in the main or source windows.

This problem does not seem to relate to the new "Keep multiple spaces"
option or to the Access key option.

  - Robin

Received on Thursday, 19 October 2006 00:52:36 UTC