problem with a recent commit


Trying to build yesterday, I was hit by a problem in the file

With the latest patch (version 1.58), if DAV is disabled but TEMPLATES
enabled, p_notebook is not declared, and the compilation fails. I'm not
sure which is the proper fix, though (probably adding an "#ifndef
TEMPLATES" or similar somewhere, I guess).

By the way, I fail to see the reasons for this around line 693 in :
# force C mode (-x c)

# C++ options (-x c++)

"-Wall" is certainly useful (and would probably be worth adding to
CFLAGS), but the "-x c" and "-x c++" look a bit strange to me, as they
force C for a C compiler and C++ for a C++ compiler. It is useless unless
you have files with the wrong extension, which I don't think is the case
as I could build without them.
The "-D__cplusplus" is even less expected, as the ISO standard requires
that it is defined anyway when compiling C++ anyway.

Is there a reason replacing the whole thing with
wouldn't work ? Maybe some issue I'm not aware of, or problems on MacOS X ?

Oh, and in, the lines about LIBPNG and LIBJPEG can be safely
removed, these variables are never used.

And for information, I now have a set of patch which allows me to
automatically enable/build/link redland and raptor, with the builtin and
the shared versions, and another one to use a shared libWWW. Though I
already had these features before, they are now done in a different way so
they can be merged into CVS at some point. They need a bit of polishing,
but the structure is cleaner.



Received on Wednesday, 6 December 2006 17:29:19 UTC