Re: Bug report: Copy and paste under Debian

On Thursday 19 October 2006 02:52, Robin Whittle wrote:
> With both the latest binary and my compilation of the CVS code on Debian
> 3.1 Stable, I have problems with copy and paste.  This is quite complex.
>  I have no such problems with the Windows binary just released (9.52 Oct
> 18 2006).
> In the URL bar, or whatever it is where the location of the current file
> is entered and displayed, I can Copy and Paste with the Edit menu but
> not with Cntrl-C or Cntrl-V.
> In the main (WYSIWYG) editing window, it seems there is a separate
> clipboard, unrelated to the system clipboard which is shared by other
> applications and the URL bar.  Both the keyboard and Edit menu
> approaches work for Copy and Paste.  (At one stage I did have the Paste
> operation putting in just a single P, but this may have been my
> accidentally copying that to this clipboard.)
> The View Source window seems to be the same, and share the same local
> clipboard with the main window.
> I think there may also be some difficulties with Cntrl Z in the URL bar
> not always working, but affecting the main or source window.
> Sometimes I think Edit Paste does not work in the URL bar even though to
> other applications there is something in the clipboard.  This may happen
> just after pasting in the main or source windows.
> This problem does not seem to relate to the new "Keep multiple spaces"
> option or to the Access key option.
>   - Robin

This problem is fixed in the CVS version
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