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"The Future of the Payments System" (Fed Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 26 Feb)

[goodrelations] GoodRelations and Web Payments (aka. Payswarm)

[off topic] how to change e-mail settings

Agenda: Web Payments Telecon - Wednesday, January 15th 2014

Agenda: Web Payments Telecon - Wednesday, January 29th 2014

Agenda: Web Payments Telecon - Wednesday, January 8th 2014

An analyst's view of the payment industry

Analysis of Bitcoin by Former IMF Economist / Current Central Banks Advisor

Apple details secure 'touchless' e-wallet strategy in patent filing

base paradigm

Beginner questions on m-commerce spec

Call for Single Media Type Design for Payments

Comments on USAID's Draft E-PESO Statement of Work

Complementary Currencies and Intent Casting [former: Deprecation Warnings for currencies used in transaction?]

Concerning the project mentioned on the webpayments call

contents of the bitcoin block chain

Deprecation Warnings for currencies used in transaction?

Digital receipts; digital book-keeping; tax jurisdiction

Distinctions between Payments CG, Payments Workshop, and

Emulating XML Schema in JSON

EMVCo to Work on Payment Tokenization Standards

Ethereum (was: Re: Programmable Distributed Governance)

Finalizing Reservation schemas for

FT: Online stores think local to grow global

Further collaboration with W3C Management on

Fwd: Re: Finalizing Reservation schemas for

How PayPal handles choice of currency, & currency conversion

HTTP 500

Ideas on initiating standard for In-App Payment?

Irish politico calls for crackdown on internet browsers and payment systems

JSON-LD is an official Web Standard

Let's Play: Announcement of a new skype group

Mapping credit-card payments into WebPayments

NOTICE: Less than 24 hours left to vote goes live with Bitcoin. Bloomberg Businessweek front cover: Bitcoin Dreams

Payment Tokenization Standards

PaySwarm is controlled by this group

Polling Software for Web Payments CG Charter Proposal

Programmable Distributed Governance

Should the Charter include a "Resourcing" section?

Some notes on price stabilization indexing

Suggested Revisions to Introduction to Web Payments Charter

Suggested Revisions to Web Payments Charter

Supply & Demand (was Re: Programmable Distributed Governance)

Telecon for this week canceled

Two wording changes to eliminate ambiguity

VOTE: Web Payments CG Charter and Work Items

Web Identity 1.0 -- Draft Spec

Web Payments CG "work items" draft poll

Web Payments CG Charter Proposal

Web Payments Meeting Minutes for 2014-01-15 [via Web Payments]

Web Payments Telecon Minutes for 2014-01-08

Web Payments Telecon Minutes for 2014-01-15

Web Payments Telecon Minutes for 2014-01-29

Web Payments Workshop looking great

Web Payments Workshop position paper is ready, publicize it is up

Website changes - new logo, W3C branding issue

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