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On 01/05/2014 10:08 AM, Laurent Perez wrote:
> I don't yet understand where is 
> used. Is it only 
> used to trust the vendor, or the buyer too?

It is used for both, and a few more things. It's used to establish one
or more identities for yourself online. This is useful if you want to do
the following:

1. Associate an item that was purchased with the buyer identity.
2. Associate an item that was sold with the vendor identity.
3. Provide an entry point for discovery of a preferred payment
4. Rate the buyer identity.
5. Rate the vendor identity.
6. Store information in the identity, such as a proof of citizenship,
   in order to make proving that sort of information easier over
   the Web.

> Is there some UML State/Sequence diagram available somewhere?

Unfortunately, not yet.

> The buying process flow could be easier to understand with a schema 
> like this.

You are correct. Tracking your issue with the spec here:

-- manu

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