Re: Comments on USAID's Draft E-PESO Statement of Work

On 1/16/14 10:57 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> The purpose of our submission to USAID...
>  Apologies for the short notice, but we just found out about this
> opportunity. If anyone on the list objects to submitting this
> document to US AID, please let us know. We're going to try to
> submit it by next Tuesday (Jan 21st). The deadline is January 23rd,
> 2014 Manila/1800hrs (Philippines time).

On a quick read-through it looks great, with one major exception.

Capitalization and phrasing of "Web Payments", "Web Payments community 
group", "Web Payments Community Group", "Web Payments work", and "Web 
Payments group" are seriously confusing to me, in terms of what is 
process, what is a group of people, and what is now supported by the 
W3C, -- and what will be supported by the W3C after Paris.

Background: I recall there have been complaints in the recent past 
about this issue, so I suggest being extremely cautious here not to 
tread on any toes. Plus, it will just make it clearer for a naive reader.

This is a tricky semantic problem and I think a usage change is called 
for: My overall suggestion is using "WPCG", acronym, whenever the Web 
Payments Community Group is meant. (I.e., as in scientific documents, 
using the full name and the acronym after it in brackets the first 
time it’s used, then just the acronym from then on). If this is done 
then throughout the document “Payments” will only appear spelled out 
when it’s the general process, not the group. This might solve the 
problem for a naïve reader.

Places where this needs addressing in some way are sections 1, 5, 6, 
and 7.

I suggest then that all "Web Payments community group" and "Web 
Payments group" instances be
a) at least changed to "Web Payments Community Group" (all 4 words, 
capitalized), and ideally also
b) all used as acronym "WPCG", except for the first usage.

If you want me to make these changes on the document (either just 
"a)", or also "b)") please let me know, because I can do that, because 
as of yesterday I'm a member of the WPCG. :-)

Steven Rowat

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