Re: Web Payments CG Charter Proposal

On 1/10/14 1:55 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> 3. Is there anything in the charter that should be re-worded?

Charter seems good to me -- except one major (and one minor) concern.

Major Concern:
The emphasis on ‘technologies’ in both Goals and Scope, and explicit 
statement that ‘economic or political theory’ is out of scope, leaves 
the entire Charter open to be used as a platform by existing corporate 
or government bodies for their own ends without due attention to what 
has been, to this point, an important goal and operating principle of 
the group: using web technology to make direct financial transactions 
between individuals as easy as those between groups and organizations.

I don’t believe this is intentional, but I believe the wording in 
Goals is insufficient to make this clear at present. I suggest that a 
small change to the second sentence in the ‘Goals’ section can address 
this (suggested section in brackets):

"The goal is to create safe, decentralized systems and sets of open, 
patent and royalty-free technologies that allow [both individual 
people and organizations] on the Web to send each other money as 
easily as they exchange instant messages and e-mail today."

Minor concern:
At the end of the last sentence in “Goals”, I believe it reads more 
logically if you cut the last “the”, since you aren’t discussing two 
particular technologies and you might have more than two submitted at 
once. I suggest it would read:
“...or a clear differentiation emerging between [] two technologies.”

Steven Rowat

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