Re: Distinctions between Payments CG, Payments Workshop, and

2014/1/9 Martin Hepp <>

> Hi Manu,
> I think you are right in refusing his broad request - quite clearly, a
> leading player in the field of centralized, traditional payment services is
> likely to regard innovation as a potential threat.

+1, although Manu and other commentators are not really refusing the
request. Their feedback has been very welcomed, more participation has been
solicited - you can't be more open than that - and Manu then states very

> To be clear, you have stated that PayPal/eBay has no intention of
> > joining the Web Payments CG due to IPR concerns. As a non-member of the
> > group, you are now asking for a website that is owned and operated by
> > the Web Payments CG to be taken down. Taking the audio and text minutes
> > from 60+ hours of very transparent teleconferences, as well as all 18
> > specification documents offline is wandering near the territory of
> > censorship. That seems very aggressive.

Certainly, their concerns are very valuable in order to refine this group's

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