Re: Deprecation Warnings for currencies used in transaction?

Thank you Manu for picking up this topic even while more important for 
this group issues demand lots of attention.

On 01/13/2014 07:01 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> On 01/02/2014 07:33 AM, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
>> I would like to work on recommendation explaining how to issue
>> deprecation warnings for currencies of one's own choice. In case
>> someone doesn't feel familiar with concept of deprecation, please
>> just see article on Wikipedia[1]
> I think this is a simple matter of placing the deprecation warning in
> the listing, something like this (note the last two entries):
> {
>     "@context": "",
>     "id": "",
>     "type": ["Offering", "Listing"],
>     "asset": "",
>     "assetHash": "14618b56ff597a2fed560db9aa0610fe442106a4",
>     "license": "",
>     "licenseHash": "0d8866836917f8ef58af44accb6efab9a10610ad",
>     ...
>     notice: "I prefer to be paid in Bitcoin.",
>     preferredListing: ""
> }
> We currently don't have the concept of a "notice", but could add it to
> give a hint to payment processors to "display" a particular piece of
> text to a customer. The preferredListing could be used by one listing to
> point to another listing that is preferred, for a variety of reasons.
> Thoughts?
1. I would like to have *also* possibility of announcing such 
preferences in any Listing, or even directly in my Identity card and let 
it cascade. At the same time I find it *crucial* to have it also on 
level of Transaction or Transfer. I see payswarm:Listing as something 
that can work as both Offer or Demand, similar like schema:Offer / 
gr:Offering. I tend to think more of a P2P marketplaces rather then big 
vendors, small customers scenarios.

When I *buy* something through an Offer kind of Listing published by 
someone else, I want to attach notice to a Transaction (or Transfer) 
about currency which I sent over web payment. Here I can *not* put any 
of my preferences into Listing since the other party published it.

In cases where I publish Demand kind of Listing, of course I can *also* 
clarify in it up front that when I will pay for matching Offer, the 
Transfer of particular currency used in this Listing will arrive with a 
copy of Notice>DeprecationWarning for that currency.

2. I would like to publish myself every Notice which I issue when I make 
web payment in *my self-hosted personal data space* and just add its IRI 
to Transaction and only eventually embed copy of that Notice in this 
Transaction. I'll need to take a look on how this would fit into the 
payment flow...

3. Relationships between Listings sound like a great idea! I need to 
think little more of them!
Also online P2P marketplace hubs will need a way to express matches 
between pairs of Listing>Offer and Listing>Demand no mater how they 
happen to match them. // sorry i went really of topic here!

I would suggest that we only try to clarify points 1&2 on this thread 
and move discussions relevant to 3 to another thread!

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