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> Dear all,
> Although many potentially better alternatives to the current monetary
> system have been proposed, many have suffered from the problem of adoption.


I think adoption is key

My favourite definition of money is Galbriath, "Money is exactly what you
thought it was, anything that is commonly accepted as payment for goods and

The key word here imho is *commonly*

> Cryptocurrency adoption, however, has largely been driven by game dynamics
> that most closely relate to money, namely spot trading and online betting.
> This has often been critiqued as "criminal" or "speculation."

I actually think game dynamics are important and positive, rather than,

Bitcoin is the only system out there that is getting merchant acceptance,
so imho the best candidate for a new currency.  And one that is fostering a
large amount of innovation.

I think this is the reason that Dr. Bernanke described it as having "long
term promise".  It seems to me, at this point, that an alternative would
have a gargantuan task in trying to become a commonly accepted means of

> This new group is dedicated to discussing how digital currency adoption
> can be fun without privileging "speculative" behavior that does not
> facilitate the overall well-being of the ecosystem. It currently includes
> several economists, game researchers, and game players.
> Please contact me personally for an invite.
>    Jd
> P.S. Some discussion of my own background in the field of "ludology" is
> explained in this podcast (
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