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On 13 January 2014 19:46, Manu Sporny <> wrote:

> On 01/03/2014 12:36 AM, David Nicol wrote:
> > there is discussion of "the base technology" --- how about going one
> > level more abstract? Can we get a consensus on "message passing" as
> > the base paradigm?  Or do we, rather, favor remote procedure calls?
> > Or something else? Is there a difference? Am I raving?  Thank you
> In general, this is the base paradigm we've been using thus far for the
> PaySwarm spec stack:
> 1. Assume the Web exists and is available to avoid re-inventing the
>    wheel or uneven focus on corner cases.
> 2. Stay compliant with the Architecture of the WWW, because it scales
>    really well to billions of people.
> 3. Use URLs to denote "things" such as financial accounts, identities,
>    products, services, etc.
> 4. Use messages that are capable of expressing Linked Data, because
>    extensibility and the freedom to innovate is important.
> 5. Build on top of well-understood protocols, such as HTTP.
> 6. REST is a good design paradigm for Web-based protocols, use it
>    until something better shows up.


> 7. Don't be afraid to suggest that the previous 6 items are broken in
>    some way.

Do you think any of items 1-6 are broken?

> Keep in mind that Bitcoin and other technologies like it don't use the
> same basis, but are technologies that we think are very interesting and
> transformative.
> I don't think there is one base paradigm for this group. PaySwarm
> exists, Bitcoin exists, and Ripple exists. Each have their own base
> paradigm that differs greatly from the others and is also one of the
> things that makes the technology interesting.

FWIW I'm working on a translation of the bitcoin paradigm to be 100% web
compatible.  Thereby hopefully bringing bitcoin to a wider audience in a
similar way to how webmail made email more accessible.  I'll be reusing the
principles you outline (1-6) above.

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