Re: Ideas on initiating standard for In-App Payment?

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> In-app Payment(IAP), or in-app billing enables developer sell digital goods from inside their applications.
> It is widely supported in modern web app platforms, for example:
>   iOS: 
>   Android:
>   FirefoxOS:
>   Tizen:
> And nowadays more and more web apps are free to use, they tend to depend on IAP service to make profit.
> Do you think it is time for initiating standard for IAP? Any thoughts, ideas on this?

As I understand it, this group is working on exactly that.

What may be confusing is that "apps" are not necessarily "on the web" but every in-app payment solution listed above requires an Internet connection to process/verify the payment. In this sense these in-app payments are technically the same thing as web payments.

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