Re: Web Payments Telecon Minutes for 2014-01-29

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> Manu Sporny:  I also spoke with Hannes Tschofenig from the IETF's
>    Advisory Board about Web Payments yesterday.
> Manu Sporny:  We're going to try and present the web payments
>    work at the next IETF plenary which is in march in london, i'm
>    trying to find money to fly me out there to do a presentation on
>    our work here.
Can you imagine scenario where people willing to support your trip to 
London could *Transfer* for you very precise *Asset* - {number o air 
kilometers at certain aviation companies}? In the end you *seek* flight 
from one place to another place, which some of aviation services 
*makesOffer*. Nowadays you can take very popular path to arrange it by 
using some generic (~meaningless) tokens like ISO 4217 currencies. You 
could also choose to use instead/additionally some other tokens, 
including ones bound very directly to physical reality and carrying 
particular semantic meaning :)

Maybe interesting use case for ? If you don't 
raise enough airkm to make it for that IETF event, promised *Transfers* 
would not complete!



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