Re: Web Payments Workshop looking great

Just fyi, that I spoke v. broadly about this group's work at today's Asia
PKI Consortium International Symposium: Cross-Border Electronic Payment
Challenges & Opportunities in HK.

There were about 160 participants, of which 80 were banks. I drew attention
to the Feb 8 deadline for the Paris workshop.

Sorry I'm too tired to join tonight's midnight call, but thought to send
the above datapoint fwiw.


On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 6:13 AM, Pindar Wong <> wrote:

> These are very welcome additions and thank you for the update. I will note
> these in my slides for my Jan 15 talk.
> As far as next the next step, I will be helping to drive awareness of the
> group's work and specifically attendance to the Web Payments Workshop.
> If any group members will be in HK, I'll be happy to try to host a dinner
> or somesuch (schedule permitting) -- the Asia PKI Forum which will be held
> immediately after the Asia Financial Forum (Jan 13-14).
> I apologies for note being able to contribute more directly to the Program
> Cmt's work as I'm clearly over committed right now.
> p.
> On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 5:06 AM, Manu Sporny <>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've been working behind the scenes to get some heavy hitters
>> participating in the Web Payments Workshop, and have had to keep quiet
>> due to the nature of the talks. These were private conversations with
>> the hope that they'd become public some day and today is that day.
>> There have been a couple of additions to the Web Payments Workshop
>> Program Committee that are now public. I'd like to point out their
>> significance to the group, to demonstrate that this group is a part of
>> something big (for those of you that are not convinced of that yet):
>> Here are the three big new additions:
>> US Federal Reserve - Yes, /THE/ US Federal Reserve... the one with $4
>> trillion dollars on its balance sheet. The central banking system for
>> the United States of America which is responsible for conducting the
>> nation's monetary policy, supervising and regulating banking
>> institutions, maintaining the stability of the financial system and
>> providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S.
>> government, and foreign official institutions. The Fed also conducts
>> research into the economy
>> SWIFT - The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
>> provides a network that enables 9,000+ financial institutions worldwide
>> to send and receive information about financial transactions leading to
>> the movement of trillions of dollars/Euro/etc. a month around the world.
>> Google - Google's Payment division is now involved in the workshop,
>> which means that we have three of the top five online payment providers
>> on board (Alipay and Amazon being the other two that we don't have
>> involved yet).
>> These organizations join the previous big names like Bloomberg,
>> Telefónica, the National Association of Convenience Stores, GS1, the
>> Internet Society, Yandex, PayPal, AT&T, the GSM Association, Gemalto,
>> ingenico, and Worldline along with rising stars like Ripple and Hub
>> Culture and leading researchers in the area like Martin Hepp of Good
>> Relations.
>> We wanted to get a very diverse set of groups represented in this
>> workshop, and we're certainly off to a good start. Thanks to everyone at
>> W3C and the rest of the Web Payments Workshop Program Committee for
>> getting this great group of people together.
>> The next step is to evangelize the workshop and get more participation
>> from a broader set of interests than what we already have.
>> -- manu
>> --
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