Re: Web Payments CG Charter Proposal

This is an important trajectory to be on, and the timing couldn't be
better, two months ahead of the Paris workshop.

Here's a useful page on the W3C site that explains the different types of
groups under its umbrella.

Note the precise wording for: "Community Groups enable anyone to socialize
their ideas for the Web at the W3C for possible future standardization."

More on W3C Community Groups here:

Regarding a charter, here's an example: the Charter for the W3C Community
Group for the Web of Things:

A charter is valuable not essential: "A Community Group may adopt
operational agreements (recorded, for example, in the form of a charter)
that establish the group’s scope of work, decision-making processes,
communications preferences, and other operations. For example, the
agreement could establish fair and reasonable criteria for accepting
contributions in a specification, or set the group’s scope of work (e.g.,
development of educational materials or discussions about future standards
work at W3C)."

Joseph Potvin

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 4:55 PM, Manu Sporny <>wrote:

> Based on concerns raised by PayPal/eBay and discussions with W3C, a
> suggestion has been raised that we think about defining the scope of
> work that we do here.
> The downside with having a charter is that we could inadvertently turn
> people with great Web payments ideas away from this group, or make it
> seem like the barrier to entry is too high (or that there is a barrier
> there when none exists).
> The upside is that we will all have a better idea of what this group has
> agreed to work on. It may also get larger companies into the group that
> have been standing on the side lines because their lawyers don't want
> them to commit to potentially endless IPR commitments.
> A Web Payments CG Charter proposal has been put together that is meant
> to be fairly lightweight from a process perspective, but provide the
> lawyers with enough of an idea of the sort of work that we do here:
> Feedback on this direction, changes to the charter, and general thoughts
> in this area would be great. Keep in mind: PLEASE DO NOT BIKESHED THE
> CHARTER, let's try to keep it simple and not let this discussion
> distract us too much from the technical work that we need to do. That
> said, thoughts? In particular:
> 1. Is this a good idea? Do we want a charter for this group?
> 2. Is the charter missing anything vital (keeping in mind that we want
> to keep this group very lightweight from a process perspective).
> 3. Is there anything in the charter that should be re-worded?
> Once we have the charter in a shape where most of the group thinks we
> should vote on it, we will use this online poll to vote on the charter:
> If 2/3rds of the voters approve of the charter, it will be approved as
> our operating charter.
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