Should the Charter include a "Resourcing" section?


Perhaps the Charter should include a section that states the ways that
supporters can contribute tangible resources to this work other than
through their own direct substantive participation in systems logic, design
and development. For example:

(a) Should the Charter very briefly state whether & how an individual or
organization might support the Web Payments work with funds? For example,
can an ad hoc donor to W3C identify a Community Group as the target of
their donation?

(b) Should the Charter very briefly state some ways that an indirect
supporter could to put funding towards advancing specific features,
functions or aspects (eg muitilingualization, security testing). For
example, "Issue a competitive RfP and notify the mailing list".  If they
wanted to sole source contract a developer or development team in this
community to push some aspect of the work ahead, what's the proper way to
approach that?

(c) Can/should the CG itself potentially have a budget and account under
the W3C's umbrella budget & account, towards which it may solicit funds via
grant applications, contracts, crowd-funding? Maybe that's only possible
for W3C Working Groups. So if the CG had a budget and account, it would not
be under the W3C's umbrella.

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Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 12:45:02 UTC