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Re: Mapping credit-card payments into WebPayments

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 13:23:20 -0500
Message-ID: <52D42F18.3050006@digitalbazaar.com>
To: public-webpayments@w3.org
On 01/02/2014 11:23 PM, Anders Rundgren wrote:
> I'm trying to follow the WebPayment work but I have yet to understand
> the scope.  Reading the docs I get the impression that the WebPayment
> effort doesn't have any scope limitations.  If this is really the
> case, would it be possible elaborating a bit on how VISA et al fits
> into this framework?

VISA, MasterCard, ChinaUnionPay, and every other credit card network
could implement the technologies that we're creating in this group and
run it alongside their network. That would give them the ability to
process payments over their proprietary network /and/ over an open
financial network.

That said, the only thin that we have worked on related to credit cards
and bank accounts here are vocabularies to express bank account, credit
card, and debit card information (warning, terribly outdated / half-baked):


There are references to that vocabulary in the main PaySwarm vocabulary


With things like this:

"ccard": "https://w3id.org/commerce/creditcard#",

"bankAccount": "bank:account",
"bankAccountType": {"@id": "bank:accountType", "@type": "@vocab"},
"bankRoutingNumber": "bank:routing",
"BankAccount": "bank:BankAccount",
"Checking": "bank:Checking",
"Savings": "bank:Savings",

"cardBrand": {"@id": "ccard:brand", "@type": "@vocab"},
"cardCvm": "ccard:cvm",
"cardExpMonth": {"@id": "ccard:expMonth", "@type": "xsd:integer"},
"cardExpYear": {"@id": "ccard:expYear", "@type": "xsd:integer"},
"cardNumber": "ccard:number",
"AmericanExpress": "ccard:AmericanExpress",
"ChinaUnionPay": "ccard:ChinaUnionPay",
"CreditCard": "ccard:CreditCard",
"Discover": "ccard:Discover",
"Visa": "ccard:Visa",
"MasterCard": "ccard:MasterCard",

Those references are necessary for certain calls to payment processors
(such as denoting your bank account or credit card as funding sources
for your online account). So, that's really the extent to which credit
cards and bank account numbers fit into this framework.

The coupling is loose because tying in deeper to existing financial
networks is something that is going to be very difficult to do (because
the way you do it changes from country to country, as do the regulations).

If Visa or MasterCard also wanted to provide a mechanism to operate on
both networks simultaneously, they could do so. So, your Visa card would
then be able to make payments to traditional credit card merchants, and
you would also be able to make Web Payments to vendors that have payment
terminals or websites that speak the new web payments protocol. Does
that make sense?

-- manu

Manu Sporny (skype: msporny, twitter: manusporny, G+: +Manu Sporny)
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